Suzanne van Leendert likes to write!

She writes about dark sand clinging to gnarled hands. About a heart breaking down like a faltering metronome. About truth reflected in water clouded by the remnants of our reckless demand. About catching dripping paint, knowing a flawless finish is still possible.

Through her writing, she views the world around her and wonders how best to relate to it. Again and again she questions things that seem to be self-evident, trying to give them fresh meaning.

A theme that is often found in her poems is our connection with nature, a connection that is becoming increasingly fragile and broken. That is why, as a member of the Dutch-Belgian ‘Klimaatdichters’ (Poets for the Climate), she likes to draws attention to this through her poetry.

Suzanne lives in Utrecht, the Netherlands, and writes in English as well as Dutch. Her poems have been published in the Netherlands, Belgium, Scotland, Canada and the US. Among other things, she won the Poetry Prize of Zaventem (Belgium), the Parade der Poëten competition (the Netherlands) and the Off Topic May 2024 Poetry Contest (Canada).

Besides writing poetry, Suzanne has written two non-fiction books and is an award-winning documentary maker with her own company U & Eye Media Productions (