Off Topic Poetry Contest winner May 2024

What a surprise!

My poem ‘They Say Only Trees Grow in Situ’ has won the Poetry Contest of May 2024 held by Off Topic Publishing.

The theme to write about was ‘growth’.



28 February 2024

Tipping Point in Exhaustion anthology

My poem Tipping Point was published in the ‘Exhaustion – limited reserves’ anthology from Off Topic Publishing

Used up or worn out. Reaching the limits of our personal and collective resources. Tapping out. Laying waste to the planet. Burning fuel until there’s nothing left but fumes.

Each story and poem in this book engages exhaustion anew, revealing human struggles, moments of grace, and a relentless questioning. Far from exhausting the topic, this book opens up a conversation about what it means to have limited reserves and how we can move forward under such conditions.

29 October 2023

Poem Winter in ‘RED: A hue are you anthology’

My poem Winter was published in the RED: a Hue Are You anthology.

It’s the first in a forthcoming series, and captures the multitudinous ways poets perceive and respond to the color red in all its varied shades and names.

5 July 2023

Poetry Festival Dichters in de Prinsentuin

Coming Friday the three-day festival Dichters in de Prinsentuin starts in the botanical gardens in Haren, the Netherlands. There are about seventy poets from the Netherlands and abroad. For three days, you can immerse yourself in poetry, translation programs, workshops and interviews, and surprising collaborations with other art forms such as music, theatre and visual arts. I’ll be there on Sunday to recite my poems, at 12.30 and 16.00. I’m looking forward to it!

Click here for more information

10 September 2022

What Lightning Spoke – New book by Robert Bensen

Congratulations to Robert Bensen on his new book What Lightning Spoke which cannot be praised enough! It’s truly a wonderful collection of poetry. The book also includes some translations that he worked on, and I’m very honoured to have one of my poems (Paradise or Better Yet) included as well.

5 January 2023

Climate poem of the month

I’m very happy that a poem of mine is the Klimaatdichters ‘Poem of the Month’ for January.

The Klimaatdichters (Poets for the Climate) draw attention to climate change through poetry. This group consists of poets from the Netherlands and Belgium.

This poem was especially written for a water conference that took place in Utrecht on the 25th of November 2022.

For this conference, artist Janine Caalders had also asked me to create a spoken word performance with her in combination with an act of purifying water on the spot. Water that participants to the conference had brought themselves, from rivers, ditches, streams etc.